Stéphane Dumesnil

Stéphanie Dumesnil

Stéphanie was raised in Paris and is professionally trained as a translator. She has been teaching private French lessons to native English speakers for twelve years. She has masters degrees in French literature and film from the École Normale Supérieur (ENS). Philadelphia has been her home for over six years.


Caroline Parois

Caroline is originally from Alsace and has taught private lessons for over twenty years, including five in Philadelphia. She regularly gives seminars on language instruction to teachers in Europe and the United States. She holds a doctorate in French literature and philosophy from the University of Paris-V.


Claude Pellerin

Claude is a specialist in simultaneous French and English interpretation, originally from Lyon. He has translated for many government agencies including the United Nations and has been teaching private French lessons non-stop for ten years in New York City and Philadelphia.


Girard Thomas

Girard was born in France and raised in Tours before going to graduate school in the United States to study linguistics and philosophy at MIT. He has taught many courses on French linguistics and has been teaching private French lessons for ten years.


Philippe Bougét

Philippe has lived in the United States for 18 years and has been teaching French to native English speakers for 12 years. He has developed techniques for accent reduction and participated in the development of many technologies geared toward retention and mastery of challenging grammatical forms. He has a masters in French literature from UCLA.