As the mother of a homosexual son, I proudly support gay individuals and their families and I stand in alliance with you in supporting your Civil Rights, so that my voice will be added to others in affirming that your love and partnership, and your right to form a family be recognized as well by law as it is by love.

It would be an honor and a privilege for me to preside over your wedding and assist you in a very personal way in the planning and creation of your ceremony.  As the celebrant, my intention for each couple, is to create, with your help, a fabulous ceremony weaved from the divergent pieces of your life, your values and culture, into something that perfectly reflects your love and commitment and your views of marriage.   The words should ring true for you and for those who know and love you.  The end product will be a ceremony that will be undeniably yours alone.

I would enjoy getting together with you, if possible, for an informational meeting.